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Aileen wishes Ann a Happy 50th

Aileen wishes Ann Happy 50th Birthday

Here is my picture of Ann and me, Mom says it was taken around late 80’s early 90’s.


Aileen and Ann - Christmas -late 80's early 90's


































I also have a story to tell. After my back surgery I went to a rehab hospital here in Midland. Well, one day when Mom and Ann were visiting me I had to go to the bathroom (#2). Remember, part of the surgery they had to go through the front. So I had incisions on the front and back. After I finished with going to the bathroom, I couldn’t wipe myself! It was kinda messy!!So I asked Ann if she would help me out. She did without thinking twice!!!  Only a sister like Ann would do this. She has helped Mom and me so much I really don’t know what we would do without her. She is our rock!!!!

Ann do you remember when we shared the same bedroom and you would get calls from your friends? You would spend hours talking to them at night in the closet with the closet door closed. You were kind enough to close the door because you didn’t want to bother me. You have ALWAYS thought about other people before yourself. I remember feeling agitated, but thinking back on those times I think the reason I would get agitated was I was jealous! You were, and still are, a very easy person to make friends with. You make everyone you come in contact with feel like they’ve been friends with you forever. It seems like every time I see you you have a smile on your face. When you come over your greeting is always “Hey Al!!!” and you always ask how Mom and I are doing. I can’t even come close to all the words that I can use to describe what you have meant to me. So what I am going to do is go through the alphabet to describe my thoughts in words and what you have meant to me. (Some letters have more than one word to describe what you mean to me).


Angelic, Awesome

Beautiful-Inside and out

Courteous, Caring, Coooooool!!!!!!!


Easy to get along with

Fun-Always fun to be around!!!! Fantastic Golden Personality, Genuine Heavenly Incredible Joyful-All the time, even when things aren’t going as you’d like Kind-To the enth degree!!!!!




“Okey-Dokey Arti-Chokey”

Perfect    –  You may think you are not perfect, but you ARE in God’s eyes and to everyone who loves you.


Ray of Light







“Yes-No Problem”, you always say this when I ask you a favor, you don’t think twice.







Here are few more photos of us – “Sisters Forever!”


Ann and Aileen - 1998Ann and AileenAnn and AileenAnn and Aileen in Castle Rock CO    Ann and Aileen - Christmas toast Ann & Aileen