Mom wishes Ann a Happy 50th

HAPPY 50TH!! – My dear youngest daughter.


The years moved up on you in a blink, didn’t they?  But they have been very kind to you – not only in your demeanor and manner (you look beautiful on the outside and your actions and care for others is even more than beautiful in your kindness and words – it’s awesome!)   It’s hard to believe, but when you were a toddler, we all thought you would NEVER talk!  You would toddle all over the place, but very little did you say.  You eventually started talking, and everything you said was either cute, (early on), or informative, happy, generous, upbeat, and showed your care for, and kindness towards others before yourself.  Even in your lunch “rants” you excuse others’ foibles!


You have the very rare attribute of making everyone else feel comfortable around you, and, the bigger thing is, you make others feel better about themselves, regardless of who it is or what the circumstances are – your sense of humor is priceless!


Only one time I can think of when you really, really upset me – big time! – and you probably don’t even remember it, being all of 2-3 years old.  You and the boys were in the front yard at the Indigo Street house in Houston. I had to run inside for two seconds, and when I came back out, you were gone!  All of us looked for you everywhere, in the house, front and back yards, down the block – no Ann.  Got in the car and started searching down the street, then down another block; and finally found you three blocks away.  Guess you had just decided to “scope the neighborhood”.  Biggest relief I’ve ever had was finding you.  Looking back, I think it was just the beginning sprouts of your independent nature.


You have grown into such a grand lady – and I do mean a true gentlewoman – you spark up any room you enter and are at the pinnacle of how a woman is meant to be.  You may not know the whole verse, but St. Paul says all that you actually live by every day: love is kind, love is patient, it endures all, etc.


You have been “there” for me during some hard years, with no complaint, absolute kindness, and anticipating me before I even say anything.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I wish you the best of everything forever! – but in the meantime, I wish you the best 50th birthday anyone could have!


All my love, peace be with you always, and I know joy will radiate from you forever.



Aileen Mom Ann

Aileen Mom Ann

Ann and Mom (2)


Ann Grandpa and Mom